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Hello Darling!

Posted on Jan 4, 2011 by | 1 comment

Two weeks ago, before all the snow and the presents and the cookies, Jacob and I went in for the ultrasound appointment.  Our technician was so kind; we had a wonderful experience.  We saw all our little one’s body parts from head to feet.  We counted fingers, toes and heart chambers.  Our baby’s everything was measured from head circumference to femur length including kidney size and heart beat.

We had so much fun seeing our little one.  My pregnancy has not required much effort from me so far, so it is easy to imagine sometimes that it is just a trick.  But seeing our little girl inside of me was the best.  I’m so grateful Jacob was able to come with me.  I loved holding his hand and laughing with him about this gift that is about to become our whole world.  She is adorable and healthy and has her daddy’s sense of humor.

“Let me out!”

We are so very blessed to have this child on the way.  12/28/10

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  1. Cute! You're so lucky it's been such an easy pregnancy!

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