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The Switcheroo

Posted on Jan 9, 2011 by | 0 comments

Snow came to us yesterday afternoon.  The accumulation was just beautiful.

Mom suggested that the back room might be better suited for a small dark nursery near our bedroom and Jacob fell for the idea from the second I mentioned it.  He’s had his measuring tapes out all week planning his move.  I love the idea of maintaing my functional (sewing) room and having more light for him.  

Yesterday the moving began during Jacob’s lunch hour. And all I have to say, other than my back hurts like crazy, is our house is a mess!  Ha ha.  It felt like moving all over again.

Between the aftermath of the afternoon-long mounting of our TV on Thursday and the semi-cleaning but mostly just rearranging from today and yesterday, the peace and organization I desired in my home before I went back to school on Monday is a lost cause.  But our extra bedroom is now a sparkling new office for Jacob after two days of work and we are pretty excited about it.

Jacob hung up a lot of our big artwork and the room is so much more comfortable.  I love that we now share a work room, even if it means I had to clean up my crafting corner.  Woohoo for a productive end of the week.

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