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The January of Snow

Posted on Mar 8, 2011 by | 2 comments

To say this past January was snowy would be an understatement.  Apparently, Jacob and I survived THE snowiest January ever to hit Connecticut.  I loved it!  We had two storms about a week apart that both dumped over 18″ plus there was plenty of snow in between to keep us out of seminary for most of the month.  But I enjoyed walking to school in the winter wonderland.  
A peek from off our front porch can be found below.  With all this snow we thought that we wouldn’t see our front yard until after our little one came in May.  But rainy March has shown that to everything there is a season.  And I might be reminiscent about this snow for a while, it was so lovely.  

I remember the first day the snow came that wiped out the city, I figured I had still better get to school just in case we had class.  I left around 10 and there wasn’t a car on the white road.  I walked in the road because the snow was up past my boots.  The few cars that passed me on my walk to school were already driving in the middle of the road.  I even saw a man skiing into work.  And it was a good thing that I went in because my professor lives closer than I do and didn’t think anything of the snow.

Jacob couldn’t stand all the shovelling.  And I felt bad that I couldn’t help more.  The worst was after each of the two big storms, especially the second because there was was just nowhere left to throw the snow.  But we mostly just four-wheel-drived my truck in and out of the house if we had to get out.  I took Jacob to scouts and church and out for groceries but walked or rode the bus to school and Jacob just stayed home otherwise (a situation with which he couldn’t be happier).  To be honest though, if that is all the snow we get around here we can totally handle it, especially if both of us are capable of shovelling full steam.

Here is a shot of our little daughter’s first snowsuit in front of our big parking lot heap of snow:

The heaps of snow at the school parking lots and other shopping centers were play-king-of-the-mountain huge. The snow in our backyard was pretty tall too from all our own parking lot shovelling.  Jacob did such an amazing job keeping our spot clear so we wouldn’t get stuck.  This picture below shows the snow up to our picket fence, and you can’t even see the bushes (or just barely see our neighbours’ car).  This was before we shovelled the second storm so the pile just grew and grew. Insane I tell you!

It didn’t snow much in February; that ground hog is usually pretty good at his job.  But when my parents came to visit in mid-Feb, there was still a foot of snow everywhere.  We had to park my truck at school and on side streets so that there would be a place for my parents suburban.
The snow was awesome!  Walking around in it iss an easy endeavour in town, and living so close to school is quite a blessing.  I hope to have many more white winters up here in New Haven.  Nothing can beat the quiet beauty of fresh powdery snow.


  1. I hope the coming white winters remain as special to you! I would love to see more belly pics (if they exist?).

  2. Hahahahahahahahah! It took me a while (perhaps an embarrassingly long while) to figure out the snowsuit thing, but, man, is that funny. You big snowsuit, you. 😀

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