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My Lovely Shower

Posted on Apr 15, 2011 by | 1 comment

A week ago, my closest friends here in New Haven got together to eat some quiche, fruit, and some baby food and to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our little girl.  We partied it up on Saturday morning in Mattie’s new and totally hip apartment complex.
Valerie cheered up the brilliantly lit common room with her smile and some beautiful tulips.  

Natalie had us all tasting and guessing the identity of various baby foods.  Wow, that stuff is so bad, but let’s not fool ourselves, I’ve never been a fan of veggies.

We also played forbidden word and, honestly, “cute” was easy to stay away from…until the gift opening.  Then Tara just took all our pins and there was no hope for yours truly who thought every little thing was adorably CUTE!
I’m so blessed to have such wonderful friends!  It was so great to have us all together and be able to talk about motherhood, kids, and the journey.  The awesome support of these lovely women buoys me everyday.

 Valerie and Mattie did a great job as the hostesses. Thank you so much ladies!

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  1. Awe yay! So glad you had fun! We had a blast and would do it all again if we could!

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