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The Giant Steps

Posted on Apr 20, 2011 by | 0 comments

Jacob and I had a fun weekend spent together, I didn’t have a single bit of grading to do so we got to lounge around all weekend.  Saturday was pretty icky with high winds and a pinch of rain but we enjoyed some shopping and the Peabody museum.

Sunday was gorgeous!! I am just so happy that spring has arrived.  I of course would love warmer weather but Jacob is easily overheated so I suppose it is a blessing that our highs are in the low 60s instead of the mid-80s (the kind of weather my parents are already “complaining” about).  Annnnyhoo, I demanded a walk on such a pretty day, little did I know Jacob would turn it into a full fledged expedition of conquering East Rock, on foot.

I was already tired before we even found the steps.  This is me taking a break before tackling the vertical cliff.    Then Jacob got a lot of good shots of my backside climbing the stairs.  I think I took the exercise up the Rock a bit better than Jacob because I took the slow and steady tortoisey route while Jacob was quite the go and stop harey type with all his picture taking.
The stairs gave me quite the heart rate with my slight fear of heights, but the handrails were sturdy and the view of the city was beautiful.  The climb was quite worth it.
But we made it to the top! Which is not too shabby for a 36 week preggo and her camera-happy, yet sedentary man. Take that local mountain/hill!  I think the exercise is nothing but good for our little girl, and she has been active as ever.

She has been not only kicking but also doing some leg presses.  Sorry baby girl that there isn’t enough room in there but I bet your efforts of making more room are about as successful as Han Solo’s against the trash compacter.  Jacob has even been able to grab her foot; it has been a bit surreal to say the least.

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