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An Unexpected Visit

Posted on May 20, 2011 by | 0 comments

Our little girl repositioned herself on Sunday.  It was such a small act, having my child’s head move from 4 o’ clock to 6 o’ clock, but my parents thought the clouds were parting and hopped in the car.  They have been with us since Tuesday and we’ve been having fun eating Pennsylvanian meat and waiting (maybe not-so-patiently).

Mom and dad brought an entire wardrobe for our lovely girl.  We all kind of giggle at how over invested we are in our child being a girl.  Pink and dresses are everywhere and I’m not sure I have the energy to acquire the necessary change in wardrobe if things, uh, turn out differently.  But my family wrapped up all the gifts like it was a birthday or something and I had to help our little one with the unwrapping.  I’m so grateful for my wonderful parents.  My mother also worked on a blessing outfit for our little one.  She embroidered all over this beautiful heirloom dress and brought a little sweater to match.  It is amazing.

Tuesday night Mom and I whipped up a batch of granola to munch on and we played a dice game my parents love playing at their group family home evenings back in Virginia.  Mom and I were going to just watch TV but Jacob and Dad were having too much fun playing with their matching D7000 cameras that we couldn’t even hear it.

Wednesday we made pizzas with Jacob’s bread dough and the italian sausage the ‘rents acquired in PA.  Then Jacob went off to scouts.  He came back from his adventure to the Fire station drenched and needing to run back to the church.  I went with Jacob while Mom and Dad cared for the leak in our bedroom from the torrential rain/messed up gutters.  It was quite an adventure.

Last night, Jacob and Dad were playing with a mini transformer my Dad put together and with their cameras.  They just wanted to catch the spark fly through the air.  Well then we all got excited about some lightpainting so we got out some flashlights and penlights and messed with the camera settings until we could draw in the dark on the “film” to our hearts content.

Jacob drew a starry night and my mother a flower. Then Jacob traced me. It is pretty much the coolest picture of Anna we have to date 😀

Then of course I got a chance to trace Jacob.  He was a wonderful, moldable ball of clay. We had a blast into the wee hours of the night.  Good food and good fun, all in a days distraction from the lack of adorableness in our home right now.  Come on baby girl, we are waiting for ya!

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