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Blessing Day

Posted on Jun 20, 2011 by | 1 comment

Our little 3 week old Anna was blessed by her daddy on June 12th.  She was a little angel for the blessing and the pictures before.  She exploded during sacrament but I didn’t mind, she was calm when it mattered.  Jacob’s parents had spent the entire week before the blessing with us, and it was great to have a grandfather involved with the blessing.  Jacob was a bit nervous but he didn’t mess up the name and that’s the important part.

Anna was lovingly dressed in handiwork from both of her grandmothers.  My mom embroidered a beautiful heirloom dress.  There was a bit of drama with the cleaning of it but the outfit turned out just gorgeous and although it was quite large some safety pins came to the rescue the morning of the blessing.  Jacob’s mother made the adorable headband for Anna.  I didn’t think about making her look like a girl but I’m happy she did.  She also made a pink and brown one for Anna too.  The best part is Anna likes them; she’s only grabbed at it once during all the times we’ve subjected her to annoyance for the sake of beauty.  My mom also sent a little sweater and Linda crocheted a beautiful blessing blanket, both of which were a little warm for the June weather but were greatly appreciated.  Our baby really is spoiled, ain’t she?

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  1. that is one of the most beautiful blessing dresses i have ever seen in my life. kudos to the artist!

    you look FANTASTIC, especially for having a three week old! and she looks VERY GIRLY!

    miss you guys!

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