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2 Month Check-up

Posted on Jul 28, 2011 by | 1 comment

7 weeks

We took Anna in to see her pediatrician for her 2 month vacines and check-up.  She is doing well.  Our chubbo is 14 lbs and 11 oz and two feet long, both above the 95th percentile.  She took her shots while in my arms.  Jacob had to turn away when the needles came out and I couldn’t bare to look either.  But he did a great job comforting her after the worst was over.  He is such a blessing.

I have been back to work for almost two weeks now.  I’m happy to get into my lasers and electronics and I’m so lucky to be able to see Anna so much, she needs breakfast, lunch, and dinner just like anyone else ya know.  Jacob has still been able to find 10 hours a week to give to his boss.  The transition to a different schedule was very smooth, Anna contributed to it by sleeping through the night.  She sleeps at least 7 hours a night and I am so so grateful to have my best friend back, Ms. Sleep and I are inseparable.  How kind of Anna to start that right when I needed to head back to work, she is kinda awesome.

Except for that time she scratched her eyeball.  She woke up with a huge puffy red eyelid and we freaked out.  A trip to urgent care and the pediatric ER later we discovered her scratch.  All the comotion was really about potential infection so we were quite relived it was just a scratch.  The doctors confirmed it with some awesome fluorescent liquid and we were sent home with some eye goop and a charge to clip those adorable nails.  We treated her with the goop, baby mittens, and lots of snuggles.  She seems much better, well until we gave her those awful feeling shots. 🙁

8 Weeks

She is smiling a lot these days.  And sometimes when she is on her belly she will try to roll over.  She will get her head turned and her shoulders and lastly she will try to kick her leg over but it only gets to the tipping point before she falls back on her belly.  We love how active she is and the joy she brings to our lives.

9 Weeks

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  1. Oh what a cutie! Love that little girl!

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