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Anna’s First Roadtrip: Monday and Tuesday

Posted on Jul 15, 2011 by | 0 comments

Monday was the fourth of July.  We spent the morning at the Crayola Factory Museum in Easton, PA.  Jacob and I had a blast getting creative with model magic and melted wax.  And it was even better because we weren’t 20-something creepers secretly stalking the 6 year olds running around because we had a baby.
She may have slept through the entire visit and her stroller may have caused some flow-of-traffic issues in various exibits but we had an excuse to do kiddie stuff.  I bet it will be even more fun when she can join in on the adventure.
Sharing a building and a ticket with the Crayola Factory is a canal museum.  We weren’t exactly naturals at working the locks but we figured it out and giggled our way through the canal.  The hands-on fun was the best part of the museum, fo sho.
Then we headed north some more for a quick stop in the Electric City.  We just had to visit Scranton and now we can say we’ve been there.  We can also say I was attacked by a bird in Scranton, isn’t that a treasure?  The entire city was DESERTED! Like see a tumbleweed roll through the streets kind of empty. I guess they take their holidays seriously.
We wandered through old iron furnaces and a city memorial park where Anna exprienced her first statue nose-picking.  Below you can find the evidence of her violating a poor little eagle.  I’m so happy that a family tradition won’t die with my generation.  It is a mother’s duty to pass on the good things in life, right?  She might have to wait for some more motor control before picking up real traditions like sewing and coding.
We drove towards home after our short stop in Scranton.  The country up there and all through that part of Pennsylvania and New York was beautifully wooded but quite empty of towns and sights to see.  We stopped by a state park, I think it was called Promised Land.  There was a lake and a park full of people on holiday.  It was good to get Anna out and hold her during our heavy driving day.
We ended up in Poughkeepsie for the night.  We arrived just in time to find parking and check out the firework show over the Hudson River.  No fourth of July is complete without a fireworks show.  And although we didn’t dress Anna up in red, white or blue nor did we equip her with a flag to celebrate our Nation we showed her what America is really about: explosions and things that go boom.
On Tuesday we checked out the art museum on Vassar’s campus.  The small beautiful brick campus reminded me of Hollins. We drove up north of town to visit Hyde Park and ate lunch at the Culinary Institute of America.  The food was amazing there and we were totally impressed by the size and look of the campus, to be honest some of the buildings were fancier than anything in Williamsburg.  The food was also impressive as was the service.  We ran into a chef-professor who went to William and Mary and worked at the Trellis before moving up to New York.  Totally cool.

Our last stop of the trip was at a military museum in western Connecticut where there were so many cool vehicles to look at.  Lessons learned: war sucks, there is nothing cushy about the inside of a tank (or anti-tank vehicle).  Although it was a day late we did get a picture of Anna with an American Flag.

Happy 4th of July:

The trip was exhausting.  Jacob slept all the way home after our last stop about an hour from home.  And Anna had her first full night of sleep the night we got back, probably from sheer exhaustion.  I think the best result of the trip was that I realized that my life is still going to continue on.  I’m not exactly a fan of change…and my life is completely changed now but instead of being the home-bound family of my nightmares we can still have our adventures they are just in a different, ever-changing form.  We must be persistent about traditions that are important to us, it will just all take more work than it used to and I’d say that’s worth it considering the cutie we get to share our time with. I love my family so much and can’t wait for more adventures!

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