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Family Reunion

Posted on Aug 24, 2011 by | 0 comments

We met up with my parents in central Pennsylvania to attend the 102nd Bitler family reunion.  Bitler is my mother’s maiden name and her dad was her inspiration to really dive into geneology and family history (as well as engineering!).  I really enjoyed meeting the Bitler family historian and hearing my mother toss stories back and forth with people who knew my grandparents in their youth in Milton, PA.  We ate some food and met a lot of family.  We got sun, maybe too much, and visited some of the graves of Anna’s ancestors.  It was great to hang out with my parents for an entire day.

Mom had a camping chair that rocked which was pretty sweet.
Deep in conversation, grandpa and grandbaby.
Did I mention that the weather was perfect?!
Mimi cuddle time!
My grandfather’s grave.  I think it is only fitting that my nuclear engineer Poppy has the power plant of Montour as a backdrop for his resting place.
And this is what Anna looks like after a day of too much fun and not enough nap.

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