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Geocaching in Edgerton Park

Posted on Aug 9, 2011 by | 3 comments

Jacob took us out for a walk to the nearest park.  We were on a hunt for a geocache.
I was skeptical when he said we would be carrying Anna instead of strolling her, but it gave us a workout and the hidden parts of this hideaway park were anything but stroller-friendly.  It was a blast finding new places, including an abandoned bridge, in a familiar place that we frequent on our family walks.
We are quite surprised there aren’t more caches around our home but we hope to tackle the few within walking distance while the weather is nice.
No our baby doesn’t have 3 elbows on each arm, she is just such a chubbo which makes it looks that way.  But we love her all the same and show it by encouraging her exercise (aka belly-time).  Actually I’m absolutely in love with my baby and all her baby-fat, her thighs are just as adorably rolly/ringy. 🙂
She is such an easy-going baby.  I love coming home to this face after a day at work, it doesn’t hurt that she is so super excited to see me.  I could cuddle with this cutie all day long (an that’s what I’m grateful for on the weekends!).
Her eyes are still gray.  Her smiles are more often, and Daddy makes it his job to find new ways to coax it out of her.  Today he even made her literally squeal with delight. I love it.


  1. Anna is so precious! Love that little cutie!

  2. Geocaching is using a gps device (like a phone) to find boxes that people hide in the woods, and sometimes more urban places. Sometimes the boxes are big enough to trade stuff, we've left tokens and toys, and other times tiny enough that all that will fit is a small strip of paper to sign. We use it as an excuse in our family to hike and enjoy the outdoors. Jacob and my first date was a day-long geocaching adventure and we've been enjoying the hobby together ever since. You can (and should! It's fun) find a nearby cache at

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