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Jump Jump Jump

Posted on Sep 18, 2011 by | 3 comments

Irene hit just as classes were starting.  It was really great the following week to see everyone again, meet all the new faces and have our “year” start afresh.  One of the best parts of the following week was seeing our good friends the Bergins return.  I love Natalie to pieces and she was my go to gal for baby information in those last few months of preparation before Anna arrived.  We had to hang out once they got back into town.  The evening was fun, chatting and feeding our children and watching football.  To make it even more fun for Anna, they introduced her to a jumper.  She is getting really big and loves standing on our laps. At first she wasn’t quite sure about the jumper but we knew it was perfect entertainment and exercise for our baby girl.  We ordered one when we got home and after her first day in it at home she was already a pro.  She has such fun in it and will jump until she is completely exhausted so we have to monitor her exercise routine carefully 😉  Well here she is in her internet video debut.  Enjoy.



  1. um, she is SO cute. i want to come squeeze those scrumptious little baby leggies. man, i want to keep her! she is ADORABLE!

  2. I LOVE how she kicks her legs out just slightly when jumping. It could be one of the most adorable things ever to be seen!

  3. Thank you guys! Kathleen, you and Livy are always welcome to come and visit! (mainly because I want to steal your cute little girl in return).

    Natalie, we think it is super duper cute, too. We actually had to get a rug to put under the jumper because her little pinky toes were getting rubbed too much from the kick-hopping.

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