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The Sky is Falling!!

Posted on Sep 15, 2011 by | 0 comments

The post could alternatively be named: Those Crazy Allreds/Mormons.  The week before lovely Hurricane Irene landed in our neighborhood (August 28th) Jacob and I were watching the news and making sure we had everything we needed where we could find it.  Living near the southern east coast has given me a respect for hurricanes that New Englanders lack.  No offense buddies.  Jacob and I decided that a broken tree entering our house would not be fun with a 3 month old so we took to the road. We especially didn’t want to get stuck in traffic with her if New Haven was evacuated.  I have never been to Palmyra before so we headed towards Syracuse Saturday morning.

Sunday was great, a little vacation really.  We went to church and were invited home for lunch by a wonderfully kind family in the ward.  We spent a good part of the afternoon with them and really had fun getting to know them.  I hope we get a chance to pass the kindness forward sometime.

I had never visited Palmyra before, and neither had Anna.  The missionaries at the visitor center by the Hill Cumorah were happy to see some faces; it seems Sundays are slow at the Mormon tourist destinations ;).  We toured the Smith farm.  I’m now more determined than ever to spin my own yarn some day!  But I have to have a few more kids first so they can wash the sheared wool for me.  Honestly, the stories of Lucy always inspire me in so many ways.  I came away with such a testimony of the importance and eternal nature of family.  I also loved reliving some of my seminary studying of Joseph’s experiences with the gold plates.
First family photo in a while (both Jacob and I love being behind the camera, I guess):
The farm was gorgeous.  The fences.  The orchard.  The creek.  The grove.  And on a windy Sunday afternoon, the whole place was wonderfully peaceful.
Monday’s return trip was a bit more intense than expected.  The flooding in and around Albany was extensive, so we and every other vehicle on the road, including many 18-wheelers, were diverted through back roads.  Although this allowed for some thrift store shopping and a lot of wonderful family bonding time in stopped traffic the real outcome was 15 hours on the road.  Eek.
We were very grateful to come home to our house still intact, and our electricity still on.  There were some fallen trees all over town and plenty of power outages felt by my friends and others throughout the state.  We were so lucky.  I think we could all use a break before our next road trip though. 🙂

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