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Anna’s First Newspaper Article

Posted on Oct 22, 2011 by | 0 comments

A few weeks back a reporter approached me about doing an article about women getting PhDs.  She was focusing on my undergraduate professor and talking with Dr. Harbron led to me and couple of my labmates from William and Mary.

The article is going to be released by the AP tomorrow, and I think the Roanoke Times decided to print in on Monday.  So keep a look out for it in your local paper.

Apparently Ohio papers are cool with early releases on the internet. I’m pretty happy I got to read it already!  Edited Nov 2012: Deseret News is one of the only sites with the article still posted.  Such is news these days. Give it a look:

Women making slow, sure strides in science, math

Well, there are hundreds of occurrences of this throughout the US, which is kind of insane.  Harbron and I are a bit uncomfortable with all the press but I’m super happy her wonderful lab is exposed in its beauty.  I loved working there and with her.  The article made it onto the front page of the Roanoke Times, with a edit to add Community High School as my old stomping grounds.  Plus, both Yale and William and Mary wrote a piece about the article, one summarizing and the other giving a bit of context but I love the enthusiasm from both schools.  The pictures taken were also just wonderful! What a great experience.

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