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Killer Game Night

Posted on Oct 2, 2011 by | 2 comments

Yesterday, all my first year physical chemistry buddies came over for dinner and some board game shenanigans.  Last year I couldn’t get away from these guys.  Between classes, homework, study sessions, and labs we were inseparable.  But I’ve barely seen them since I returned to duty, a bit at talks and a few chance meetings in the hall.  So we invited them over, whipped up a batch of chili, shook the dust off the rugs, and queued up the silliest videos we knew about on youtube.

It was great catching up and chatting about our lab situations and upcoming orals.  Anna was a doll. We played with her through dinner and game set-up but she got tuckered out with all the company and crashed even before anything got nuked.  Jacob introduced my guy friends to Nuclear Risk.  The game ended in a tie because of all the bombed territories, but it was quite an exciting roller coaster ride. The stars of the night, in my book, were Chris’s challah bread and Jacob’s honey butter, scrumdiddleyumptious.

This afternoon Jacob and I spent watching conference.  I loved Elder Anderson’s talk about families.  I’m so grateful for my little girl.  I hope she realizes (or, rather, comes to realize) how much I truly love her and what joy she has brought into my life.  She has brought many blessings in to this home, way more than I could have ever imagined.  Life is good.


  1. Yeah it was really good. But oh my, during and after that talk anytime children were mentioned I started crying. Thanks motherhood!

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