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Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Allred

Posted on Nov 3, 2011 by | 0 comments

Jacob’s little brother kindly picked a wedding date that worked well with my sister’s wedding date.  Ryan and Emily were married on October 22nd.  We decided to make a full trip of it and cruised on down to South Carolina after visiting with my folks for a bit.  We spent the remainder of the week visiting with Jacob’s parents, touring downtown and dealing with a poor little girl who missed her jumper.

This trip was full of first-time meetings of relatives for me.  I hadn’t met any of Jacob’s sibling’s spouses and I got to meet three in one trip! Emily and Christy, Jacob’s sisters, flew in from California with their husbands (Emily and Matt are newlyweds of just one month!).  I was so happy we got to meet Christy and John as well.  They are so cool.  Anna had a great time playing parachute with aunt Emily and also had a good time laughing at her uncle Matt.  We spent most of our visits just keeping the family beagle away from Anna.

Jacob and I ran some errands for our dear Linda.  She sure had her hands full with this wedding and I’m happy we were able to help a pinch.  In between our massive family napping sessions and our shopping we squeezed in some sight-seeing in the chilly/windy downtown area.  We even snuck past the Occupy Columbia group (without, of course, escaping the fun.  One guy put both his arms up in enthusiasm as he yelled “OCCUPY!” at us.) to sneak a peek at the State House.

The wedding was wonderful.  The weather was great and I was so happy we were able to be with family for so much of it.  Congratulations to Ryan and his new bride.
And a hat-tip to the people who pulled it off:

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