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Lucky 7

Posted on Dec 24, 2011 by | 0 comments

Anna is now seven months old!  She is stable when we put her in the sitting position and loves holding on to the shopping cart when we put her in it.  Her favorite toy is her set of stacking rings.  The top most one rattles and she can easily grasp all the pieces, including the stand with all the rings on it.  I guess she is just practicing for weightlifting.

She has her first tooth!!  It showed up a week ago.  She hasn’t been very upset about it but her discomfort showed itself in the need for cuddling especially before bed, and sometimes in the middle of the night when she woke up crying.  I loved getting extra snuggle time with Anna as she is very active and independent and getting more and more so with the early gift sent from the grandparents in Virginia, a little walker car.  Just call her a Flintstone, she loves walking around and dancing.  I swear she just might be a Rockette, if she doesn’t grow too tall that is.  But right now she enjoys just being a rocker to any kind of beat she hears, or if there is no beat she’ll join in if others are dancing.

Also adding to her mobility, Jacob witnessed her first crawling “steps” earlier this week.  Ahhhhh, break out the baby-proofing.  She is very happy, and full of laughs when she wakes up and when I come home and whenever she rides on our necks.  Oh man, is that her favorite!  Other favorites include munching on books, her baby rattle from the hospital, the color yellow, and sweet potatoes (mashed).

We hope the rest of her teeth come in without too much pain and that she continues to get all the rest she needs.  We are also excited to celebrate the birth of Christ tomorrow.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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