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Tasty Half-Birthday

Posted on Dec 4, 2011 by | 0 comments

Anna turned six-months old on Thanksgiving this year.  We had a rad time spending it with our friends the Hustedts.  They invited us over for a potluck dinner, along with several of our hostess’ cousins and another couple from the ward.  We had the yummiest sweet potatoes ever and enjoyed every bit of the wonderful meal.  It was a lot of fun meeting new people, passing Anna around, seeing her “play” with the little one year old boy there, Ian, while chatting and laughing over food.

Anna is constantly learning and it is so much fun to watch.  She has a few limited modes of locomotion, rolling, turning, and scooting backwards while on her hands and knees (the last one is not always on purpose).  So even being in the same room as her isn’t enough supervision any longer although she is happy to play with herself on the ground, and always has been, sometimes she ends up in the craziest places.  In fact, one time we were sitting on the couch when Jacob nearly jumped in the air.  Anna decided to munch on his big toe!

We’ve started letting her play more often in our plastic baby cage, for our own safety you see.  She loves it more than I ever expected.  We can stand her up at a panel and she will hold on to the side and play/chew/dance until her wiggles win and she falls into our arms.  But she also loves the play panel with a huge mirror and some gears to twist etc.  She has also gotten better at sitting when we put her in that position.  She will hold onto her legs to stay upright.

Anna has now discovered her hands and loves to watch them as they open and close.  Jacob refers to it as Anna catching invisible butterflies.  She sleeps on her knees with her little tush up in the air and has caught onto eating.  She has tried squash, sweet potatoes, but is pretty averse to new foods like her mom, but once she has eaten something a few times she’ll dive in after that.

I am thankful for this cutie in my life, and the man who takes care of her every single day.  I’m also grateful for the wonderful friends we have up here in the foreign land of Connecticut.  Happy 6 months little one!

And just for fun, here is a little video, out of focus and full of extraneous conversation (it was a party!), of Anna dancing her heart out with our friend Mattie.

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