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Christmas Morning in Connecticut

Posted on Jan 1, 2012 by | 1 comment

My parents came up to visit for Christmas.  We made cookies, hung stockings, and stayed entertained by little Anna.  Her Aunt Rachel and Uncle Jonathan spoiled her rotten with a couple of stuffed animals.  She loves to eat their faces, we think she might be giving them kisses but also might really be into raw teddy bear meat, hard to tell.

Anna had fun on Christmas morning opening her gifts.  In her eyes it was more like grabbing fun shiny paper to shove in the mouth before mom stole it from her hands and she had to go back for more.  Anyway you look at it though, she was opening presents and finding something new to play with every minute all morning long.

Earlier in the week, Jacob told me he had coaxed some crawling out of Anna but I had yet to see it.  But the tempting, and noisemaking, toys she recieved on Christmas were enough motivation to get her mobile for good.  It is a tough army crawl with the arms accompanied by some very uncoordinated leg movements.  We really can’t leave her alone for a second now, she is just everywhere!

My mother also noticed that once Anna had some stuffed faces to control she “talked” a lot more.  I think she is always making noises, and dancing.  I’m so grateful for our families who made Anna’s first Christmas so wonderful with toys, clothes, ornaments, and wrapping paper to eat.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday as well.

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  1. Looks like your Christmas was a lot of fun with Miss Anna!

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