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Posted on Jan 19, 2012 by | 2 comments

This past weekend Jacob and I had some friends over.  We haven’t seen our friends the Hustedts since early December since they took a long vacation from Med school last month, including a cruise with their family and a wedding.  The Ramos’ also took a good bit of time out of town, going to a sealing as well.  We were excited to get together and hear the details of everyone’s vacations.  Daniel brought over a new game and we passed Anna around while Ella napped.  It was also good to have some relaxing fun after a full two weeks of Jacob and/or Anna being sick.  I’m very happy to have my healthy family back, and also my friends!  How in the world did all 8 of us fit on our little love seat?

We of course couldn’t get enough of our buddies and Anna is always up for more time with her baby bestie, Ella!  So Monday, we joined up for a bit of lunch at Five Guys.  Apparently, Anna isn’t ready for fries.  She couldn’t get that potato out of her mouth fast enough.  She has been OK with everything else we’ve offered her, but was not a fan of Idaho fried potatoes.  We also toured the local PEZ factory/museum and got some sodas at the Foxon Park Soda factory.  The latter of which is just across the street from our Walmart.  What a sweet little find.  We are always up for a little bit of simple fun, especially with friends.  Below is another group shot, and yes, we are sitting on enormous PEZ shaped benches. Totally rad.


  1. Awe yay! Thanks for posting about our fun weekend and sharing the pictures! Getting to spend time with you guys again was so so wonderful. We will have to do a few more outings before we leave!

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