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Two Thirds of a Year Old

Posted on Jan 26, 2012 by | 1 comment

I was chatting with a friend at work this week.  Anna came up and he asked, “When was she born?  October?”  So I guess I’m not the only one for whom time flies because it doesn’t feel like it has been so long as eight months.  But maybe that is just because my body has already blocked out the first few months where I was a zombie for lack of sleep.  I won’t forget those months or the precious cuddle time I had with my very dependent child but wow is she different these days from those first weeks.

My daughter is eating everything.  Her food intake evolution was almost more related to us changing than her.  We became less worried or fearful of different foods as we became more educated and as she became more interested.  She still makes funny faces when we give her something she isn’t thrilled about but is willing to eat anyway, like her dad.  She got her tastebuds from me, though, her newest favorite food is macaroni and cheese.  She eats cheerios after almost every meal, she loves participating in the eating process.  We let her nom on just about anything she can hold like carrots, apples, and teething biscuits.

She is very good at holding herself up in the sitting position.  And has started sitting up on her own this month.  However, we haven’t actually caught her in the act.  She is just too fast for us.  She is also switching her crawl over to hands and knees instead of elbows/arms and thighs.  The change is gradual and her failures are just as adorable as her successes.

In her 8th month in this family she survived her first cough, learned to crawl, dealt with a mustached father, got her second tooth, stayed up super late to watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve (that stinker!), learned to sit up, has tried unmushed foods, like apples, and has felt falling snow.

My Anna loves laughing with her nose.  I guess you could call it a snort.  It is sometimes hard to tell if she is mad (just breathing fast and hard) or laughing her little face off.  But the way she crinkles her nose to make the noise is just adorable either way!


I think she is still in love with music.  She’ll dance to just about any music she can and loves to beat on things with her hands: desks, windows, tables, our brick hearth.  She is constantly exploring her surroundings.  And daddy is constantly telling her “no!”  I love watching her explore.  I’m more inclined to just remove the temptation.  She loves toddling around in her car, and she always finds something to play with, like my belts hanging on the door.  They must be the best because they are flexible, but still make noise, and apparently tasty too.

We just had our first large snow of the year, and our first intense shoveling.  We took Anna out to feel the snow coming down, to touch and taste it.  She was pretty apathetic, but I sure love seeing it outside.

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  1. It sounds like you have a little ham on your hands! I would love to see a video of the dancing sometime.

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