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Future Skydiver

Posted on Feb 27, 2012 by | 0 comments

When we went up to Vermont, we stayed in a hotel in Massachusetts and this was right around the time Anna just started pulling herself up.  Here is the video proof of my big girl in action.  She is totally in love with wind, she had to be to stay away from the camera for a whole 3 minutes!  Anna gets excited every time we go outside, blow in her face or throw her around (not that we ever do that…).  We are confident she will own a bike or be a professional skydiver, maybe she’ll just ride a bunch of roller coasters.  Crazy thrill-seeker.  Only the first minute is somewhat entertaining, the rest is just for me to fondly remember when Anna is older (read: watch on repeat when I get baby hungry again or when Anna’s tantrums send me over the edge).  Her dance moves and giggles are my favorite part.

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