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10 Months Old

Posted on Mar 26, 2012 by | 0 comments

My darling daughter is now 10 months old!  She is still quite easy going, like her father.  This past month Anna has done so much!  She met her “aunt” Kate, went down a slide for the first time and made her first attempts at climbing, I guess standing just wasn’t enough.  Anna also attended her first birthday party because her friend April turned one.

One day Jacob juggled for her and she loved it.  I can’t juggle so I copied him by throwing two blocks in the air and catching them in the same hand, she laughed and then clapped for me.  She doesn’t mind my imperfections.

Anna has now switched to going to bed earlier.  She used to go to bed at about nine but suddenly switched to about 7:30 pm in February.  It is nice to have our evening but I usually want to rush home from work so I don’t miss seeing my baby.

Also, our training has worked, almost too well.  Anna is an excellent waver and will wave to a handful of words like hello, goodbye, goodnight, hey, hi, and of course, wave!  She is also a cute clapper, and will do so to celebrate almost anything.  But, the worst of it is Anna has transformed into a tickle monster.  We taught her how to tickle feet without realizing that a) she wouldn’t discriminate because everyone should have their feet tickled, apparently, even though I had hoped she would only tickle Jacob (of course, Jacob thought the opposite) and b) baby fingers are the gentlest most ticklish thing in the universe.  Man, we learned our lesson.

Her bedroom got a little make-over, we added some new bookcases to house her clothes and some food storage, we are trying to raise a good little mormon girl. She adores playing with her own personal pandora player (aka my iPad), I think she could jam to Disney tunes all day long. She still loves being on our shoulders and dancing while there.  Then she will giggle uncontrollably if the other one of us hides and jumps out at her or dances with her.

My favorite part of the day is seeing Anna when I get home.  Whatever she is doing she drops it and crawls right to me.  It makes me melt inside, I love that girl!  I love holding her, and sitting with her, reading to her, and building things that she can knock down.

Jacob and I are really blessed to have this little lovely in our lives.  Today we watched the Voyager episode where *Spoiler Alert* Tom and B’Elanna find out they are pregnant.  I thought B’Elanna was crazy the whole time, trying to change her girl but then when we find out why and Tom promises to never leave and that he will love his daughter so much because she’ll be just like her mother, well that is when I completely related (although, I hope I wasn’t so crazy during my pregnancy) and Jacob held both Anna and me tight and we had quite the moment.  So yes, we practically cried and definitely bonded because of Star Trek, I’ve crossed into nerd-dom.  Oh, the compromises we make for eternity.  I sure do love my little family.

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