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9 Months

Posted on Mar 5, 2012 by | 2 comments

Anna hardly seems like a baby any more, maybe that is just because she is so big!  She loves eating real food (especially foods she can put in her mouth herself), pulling herself up and sitting down, waving, clapping, and giggling with her daddy.  She is so expressive and is quick to push things away when she doesn’t approve of more food/tight hugs/too much tickles.  I love seeing her laugh and giggle and parenthood to Jacob and me pretty much means figuring out what will make her laugh this time.

In her 9th month, Anna:

  • Wore an electrode hat, FOR SCIENCE!
  • Learned to pull herself up.
  • Visited the Brigham Young birthplace.
  • Rode on her first plane ride.
  • Fed a giraffe (I haven’t even done this bucket list item yet…lucky).
  • Learned to type.
  • Threw a going away party for her baby bestie, Ella.
  • Enjoyed her first swing time at the park.
  • Played in the snow (we haven’t had much this winter).

She was a great little experimentee, especially when they bribed her with chew toys and snacks!  I just kept imagining that I was giving my baby girl a perm, the electrodes looked like tiny baby curlers.  And since they required water to have a good contact, she did come out of there with quite a head of curls.

I almost fell over when Anna pulled herself up for the first time, on our rocking chair.  Then she spent a week or two falling over, trying to get back down.  Sometimes she would just plank and hit her head but mostly she would bend and land on her tush.  We’ve had some fun revising where things are and on what shelves because of her new exploration.

Vermont was a lot snowier than we expected but was wonderfully enjoyable.  Anna added a new state to her list of visited places!

Jacob stole Anna for a weekend of grandparent fun down in South Carolina.  They stayed busy coming up with new website ideas, playing with Daisy, going to the zoo and feeding giraffes!

Anna can’t stay away from the keyboard in the front room since she has learned how to stand.  I’ve been kind of scared because it is a pull out tray and right next to a chair with wheels, it all seems so dangerous to a little girl who can’t stand by herself.  So Jacob let her play with this old key board and she was in seventh heaven.  I actually believe Jacob was just as excited, thinking that he was preparing the next generation of Allred web developers.  I suppose I will be just as excited when she makes her first baking soda and vinegar volcano or makes her first shot with a basketball.

The very first mormon we met in Connecticut was Valerie Ramos.  She showed us around the church building and was very welcoming.  We were so excited to move here knowing we already had a friend even though we had only met once, a wonderful friendship of 2 years followed.  In that time we talked about families, both got pregnant, squealed together about it, and had two adorable little girls.  We called them baby besties from the start and we are super sad to see them go.  But excited for them too.  Daniel got a job in Arizona and we couldn’t be happier for them!  We did have to have a going away party for them and of course got a shot of all the little ones.  Little Ella is all the way to the left in pink pants with a Sophie of her own and Anna is slouching in pink herself on the right.

So many people love the Ramoses, we aren’t the only ones who will be missing them around here.

Jacob took Anna to the park for her photo-of-the-month club photo shoot.  It looks like they both had a lot of fun at the swing set.


  1. Aw just look at your adorable family! She is precious! And that electrode hat…looks scary!

  2. Anna is getting to be quite the traveler these days! PS, she's adorable.

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