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Tuesday with Kate

Posted on Mar 16, 2012 by | 0 comments

Monday I had jury duty, but Tuesday Kate and I joined up again to take on New York City.  Our first stop, after our brush with death on the roads to NYC, was the temple.  We made the first session and adored the beauty of the temple.  The Manhattan temple is small but filled with wonderful craftsmanship.  I was really happy to get to spend some time just sitting with Kate in the temple.

The weather was amazing!  It was about 70 all day, perfect for our explorations yet unheard of weather for NYC in March.  We hopped on the subway down to Lombardi’s for a pizza lunch.  And spent the afternoon checking out shops in SoHo.  We adored this little shop full of mid-century decorations, the banana republic which was full of vintage-inspired dresses, and Purl SoHo.  Oh the fabrics and quilts and cute knitted things that filled Purl!

Kate and I enjoyed a couple canolis on Mulberry St before heading back uptown to Central Park.  We wrapped up the afternoon with a stroll through the park, which was just lovely.  Kate did some research on the park’s origins during undergrad and was filling me in on the details of the landscape design.

I still can’t believe how blessed we were to have such great weather and such and enjoyable day.  I’m still blaming temple blessings 🙂  Awesome day Kate!  And thanks for driving, I know how scary it was.  And aren’t those flowers gorgeous?

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