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Digging In

Posted on Apr 21, 2012 by | 1 comment

Anna loves to find things.  We were playing the other morning after breakfast and I made the wolf sound and asked Anna where her toy wolf was.  She looked at me for a bit, but to kindly save me from howling for too long she turned around and walked over to the shelf it was on and brought it back to where she was standing, not before giving it a large kiss of course.

Jacob likes to hide from her.  He’ll just lay down face down on the ground and she comes over and plays with his hair or tries to pull away his hands until he looks up.  And we can hide behind blankets which draws her pull them off our faces, she gets a good giggle out of it.

The other day Jacob rattled her wooden sandwich bread toy and threw it in her toy bin.  Anna ignored her pile of other playthings and dug through her bin until she found the one specific object of her short but devoted attention. She is growing and learning every day.

Easter was fun.  Anna got a basket from her grandparents.  We were going to take a full-dress Easter picture but Anna’s new found love of drinking water ended up with an accident at church.  So we just let her go crazy with her basket wearing some bunny ears.  She seemed just as happy either way.

Happy Spring, we are loving the warm weather up her in Connecticut.  Anna and I have even started going out for jogs when it is nice.  She sure does love the wind in her face and to touch all the plant life, too.  Oh, and the last video I posted was taken with my new iPad (which explains the odd aspect ratio).  Now my iPad has a new homemade case, check out my post about it here.

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  1. SHE is BEAUTIFUL! And I really don't throw that compliment out there to many babies. She really is a stunning little thing! And she looks so tall. And she looks so fun! I love her, and I only know her through your blog!

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