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Granny Walker

Posted on Apr 12, 2012 by | 0 comments

Ever since Anna figured out how to sit down from standing she has been so very adventurous. If she is holding onto something, a bookshelf, your finger, a rolly chair she is very confident. But between stabilizers she is still a wobbly little lady. Instead of the floor is lava, Anna plays a different game where the floor is earthquake. But she is becoming a very fast crawler, is that because Jacob chases her all the time? We really don’t ever leave her alone any more, she is just too quick and anxious to get into trouble. This morning she was about to get into trouble for playing with the DVDs when she switched her attention to the desk chair in the front room. Here she is using a not-so-stable stabilizer, also known as her granny walker.

I’m not sure why the ipad video has such a tall aspect ratio…odd.  Anyway, enjoy!

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