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March Madness

Posted on Apr 4, 2012 by | 2 comments

Sports are far from the most important thing in the Allred home, so keeping up with the NCAA brackets wasn’t very high on our to-do list this spring. But one Sunday, when Anna was joining me in primary she found a basketball and we played with it together. Rolling it, hugging it, I tried to keep her from licking it too much. So that we we got out our own basketball and Anna has loved playing with it since. Jacob was excited to see her attraction to the keyboard we let her play with, and just couldn’t wait to teach her about computers so he also let her explore his new Kindle Fire. But I was very pleased to see her following in my footsteps. She is even already full of attitude, which she’ll need on the court.


  1. Your baby looks like a straight baller in these shots. Are you still on facebook? I got back on for work related purposes and can't find you!

  2. Thanks Ben. She's a trend setter you know, footies are the next big thing in professional sports uniforms. Apparently, my maiden name makes it hard to find me on facebook. I might have to rethink my name on there. I'll find you.

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