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Jacob’s First Surgery

Posted on May 13, 2012 by | 0 comments

All ready for surgery!

Jacob had surgery to correct his deviated septum yesterday.  Anna and I accompanied him and held his hand as long as we could.  Everyone was very kind and loved Anna.  After a bit of nervousness about the IV and a consult with the surgeon, Jacob was taken off to the operating room while we were shown the family waiting lounge.  They gave us a flashing beeper like you get at a busy restaurant to alert us when the surgery is over and when we can finally get back to our dear Daddy.

Anna supporting her almost passed-out father.

From the second we entered the lounge Anna started making friends, waving and smiling to everyone.  She is our little social butterfly.  I was amazed at how she kept up her energy to explore and play and wave and smile even right through nap time as we waited.  I was very relieved when the surgeon told us all went well.  Jacob was quite the bleeder and is still wearing his drip pad/nose diaper today.  And although he is a bit tired, he isn’t in much pain, for which we are very grateful.  Jacob is looking forward to being able to blow his nose again, and I can’t wait to share diaper duty again with my currently disabled husband.  Of course, I have loved all this awesome one-on-one play time with my bright shining light of a daughter.

Anna’s new favorite play place!

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