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Camping at Cape Cod

Posted on Jun 5, 2012 by | 1 comment

This past weekend our friends, Josh and Mattie, invited us to join them on a trip to camp on the Cape.  We love camping and love our friends so we packed up our air bed and folding chairs and met them around dinner time in Nickerson State Park.  The drive was long but we left early enough to beat the majority of traffic and our first task when we arrived, after stretching our legs, was to find a cache in the parking lot!

The weather was chillier than we were expecting.  All of us had packed shorts when they were completely unnecessary since the weather stayed in the low sixties the whole time.  Anna helped the Hustedts put up their tent, she was such a cutie.  Jacob made our fire with his homemade fire-starters and made our dinner with our sweet dutch oven and cowboy tripod.  And we all stayed warm by the fire.

After dinner we all went to the nearby beach facing the bay.  The gentle lapping waves were lovely and calming as the sun was setting.  We skipped stones and let Anna walk around the beach.  Josh found a live crab walking on the beach and picked it up for Anna to see.  She touched it so gently.  When she went to grab it and she picked it up like a toy I squealed.  I know I’m jumpy and uncomfortable in nature sometimes but my first thought there was “my daughter is about to eat a live crab”.  She was shaken by my surprise and dropped the crab, I’m so happy she didn’t get any closer to it than she did.

When we got back to camp our awesome chocolate was gone, only pieces of the wrapper were left.  Those squirrels are both brave and smart.  (The next day a squirrel almost ate our cookies, while we were standing next to them!)  We still had enough goodies to make s’mores out of the marshmallows and fudge stripe cookies (so much chocolate, yum!).

Jacob bought us a wonderful wool blanket to keep us warm on our air bed out in the woods.  It worked great.  We all slept great, Anna woke up in the bright light of 5 am but went back to sleep after a bottle and some melodic pattering of rain.  When we woke up a few hours later Jacob asked, “who would have thought we would catch up on sleep in a tent on Cape Cod, in the rain?”  But we were so comfortable, it was so easy to sleep in.  We didn’t take much of a break from vacationing with Anna between Florida and Massachusetts, which was more taxing than we expected with a surprisingly clingy/cuddly baby.  I was grateful for the sleep and all the cuddling!

After breakfast between the sprinkles of rain, we all piled into the car and I drove us up to Provincetown, on the very tip of the Cape.  Our afternoon spent walking the main strip could fill a whole blog.  The art, so much art, boats, lines, dead bugs, real-as-a-picture paintings, wax, oil, sand.  I loved how much there was to see and take in, and plenty of artists to chat with as well.  It was fun.  We took a tour of a Cabot’s Candy Store and their taffy kitchen.  I’ve never seen so much taffy in one place.  There was a log of taffy about five feet long and six inches in diameter, getting rolled and stretched and wrapped.

We checked out the bay beach and ate lunch with a view at the Lobster Pot.  The clam chowder was amazing.  We were grateful that Anna was such a good girl, full of giggles and joy even in the chilly windy weather.  We are also grateful the rain stayed away for our little time in P-town.

As I drove us all back to the campsite, taking the scenic route up 6A, everyone napped.  We did do a lot of walking and had a blast.  Thanks Hustedts, and we hope we helped Josh have a good birthday on Friday!

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  1. We at ate the Lobster pot too! Yummy huh!? It looks like such a fun trip. And you know, it was also rainy when we went. Had to break out the rain jackets…no more rain for us in AZ I guess 🙂

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