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Enders Forest

Posted on Jul 10, 2012 by | 1 comment

This morning Anna’s friend and his parents drove up to Enders Forest with us to play in the stream and the woods up in Northwestern Connecticut.  We all loved playing in the water.  Anna learned from her friend how to splash rocks and courageously touch nature, like moss.  The stream has a collection of six or so waterfalls.  We found a lovely play area between the second and third falls we stumbled upon.  The riverbed was dirt instead of all rocks so Anna could stand and sit just like at the beach.  The water was chilly at first but the sunlight helped us stay warm.

We had a blast tromping through the brook, stacking rocks, petting the tadpoles, and just being crazy.  Jacob had fun climbing on all the rocks and falls, exploring.  Anna and I had fun finding new rocks to “throw” (drop).  The mountains and woods were much cooler than our hot city living back home, we were grateful for the relief.  After hours of play in the wild outdoors, we replenished our strength with a picnic lunch.  We love going on adventures, and this one was super special since Anna had a friend to play with!

In the video below see if you can spot Anna: hopping like a frog (“ribbit”), walking like an elk, making a splash, walking like her aunt Rachel, and being “a tough baby”.

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  1. Soooooo cute!!!! -Auntie Rachel 🙂

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