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Oh Canada: Bangor Maine Discovery Museum

Posted on Jul 25, 2012 by | 0 comments

The last morning of our trip Anna helped us pack up the cooler.  It was adorable.  She filled it up with the water bottles for us.  We also let her carry a bag out to the car, it was so much fun seeing what a good helper she can be.  This is a pretty awful picture but she was super duper cute.

We found out that Bangor had a children’s museum that reciprocates with our local science museum so we could get in for no charge, which was handy since this place charged for everyone over 12 months old.  Anna had an absolute blast there.

There was a tractor trailer where she could push buttons and hear its engine crank.  She also found New Brunswick on the map, hey, we’ve been there!

There was a room just like the room in Goodnight Moon.  She played with another little boy in there, with the mittens, bears and a telephone!  She was amazed by the magnets.  And Anna surprised us by knowing how to use an old timey telephone, she has only seen us use our cell phones yet there must be more gears turning in that little growing brain of hers than we can imagine because she hopped right to the phone, held it up to her face and said: “hi!”

There was a mouth to sit in, where Anna pointed out the cavity of chipped paint, and intestines to crawl through.  Anna also found a giant light bright board and gears to crank.  There was also a large Mr. Potato Head, a doctors room, puppet shows, and a water play room.

I personally liked the carbon nanotube foam building blocks and Jacob enjoyed the related ferrofluid exhibit.  Anna liked that there were drawers she was allowed to open.   We ate at Cracker Barrel on the way home and of course we had to tease Aunt Rachel with the fact that Anna had her favorite dinner, chicken and dumplings.  It was a lot of driving for a long weekend but we had a blast.  Check out our places we’ve been map to get a visual of our travels this past week.  Everywhere in Canada now on that map, outside of Montreal, was added this trip!

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