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Oh Canada: Prince Edward Island and Back

Posted on Jul 24, 2012 by | 0 comments

We had quite an adventure our last day in Canada.  In the morning we tried to go to the beach but we forgot to check the tide and there was literally zero beach because the tide was so high.  So we shifted gears and crossed the island from Charlottetown to Cavendish to see the Anne of Green Gables house.  The place was very cute.  I couldn’t stop admiring the quilts and one tour guide told us all about the kitchen stove.  Anna and I couldn’t pass up a photo opportunity in the buggy.

At the grocery store we bought two yummy kinds of cookies with maple, one kind were maple shaped and the other were chocolate with maple flavored filling.  Amazing.  Canada is pretty awesome.  On our way off the island we stopped at Boom Burger for lunch. 

The restaurant is exactly like Five Guys except it has a different color scheme and all the food is local, from the island, including the meat, butter, cheese, and potatoes.  The short fries were odd, but I suppose the short growing season will do that to you.  Everything tasted amazing.  We might just have to move to Canada for the food!  Here are some pictures at the place that makes all the local dairy products.  Quick Meme get a cow, Anna has been practicing her milking skills.

We drove straight through New Brunswick, taking a more scenic route to Fredericton and out of the country.  Before we hit the boarder we found an adorable campsite with a country store.  We stopped in to find a bathroom and saw some people eating.  So we had dinner and wandered around the antiques and handmade items that filled the store.

Just down the road was a little farm that let you pet the goats, so Anna got to feed them and a miniature horse.  She had a blast while Jacob and I were half scared of her loosing a finger.  In the pictures below it may look like Jacob was making her hold her arm out, but in reality it was him being close enough to grab her arm back if he needed too.  She is a pro at offering food, to anybody and apparently anything.

We made it to Bangor before calling it a night. It was good to be back in the states, with reception enough to call my family and not be foriegners any longer.

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