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Oh Canada: Saint John

Posted on Jul 20, 2012 by | 0 comments

Saturday we leisurely hit the town, we didn’t even wake up before the free breakfast ended.  We found some breakfast biscuits and wandered through King’s Square which was filled with little vendors and musicians.  We wandered down to the harbor and found a street festival, a moose statue, free chocolate milk, and a street performer on a pogo stick. 

Jacob also found a little book store filled with histories of Canada and old encyclopedias.  He bought a few coins for his collector home-teaching companion and I was amazed at, but understanding of, how packed the little store was with customers.

Right outside of the city is a little peninsula with a drive-through forest.  I appreciated the convenience since we left the baby backpack at home.  There were many little pull-offs for sightseeing of the marsh and the bay.  The shores didn’t have any sand, just rocks, so much so that Jacob thought they must’ve dumped the eclectic collection there.  But Anna had a good time picking up rocks to drop them and watching the squirrels chirp and chase each other in the nearby woods.

We also spent some time shopping, I forgot a skirt for church and when we saw the cookies shaped like maple leaves we had to try them.  The evening was then wound down with a quick dip in the pool, Anna loves splashing and playing with Jacob.  What a lovely restful day we enjoyed in Saint John, NB.


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