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Oh Canada: The States

Posted on Jul 19, 2012 by | 3 comments

Last week Anna’s passport arrived in the mail.  It only took a week or two and we were surprised it came so soon.  With the darn blue thing burning a hole in our safe/pocket we made a impulsive decision to drive up to New Brunswick, hitting a couple states that Anna hasn’t been to outside of the womb along the way and making for our first international trip as a family.

Our first stop was Waldon Pond, since that was where Anna woke up from her car nap.  We just has a small picnic lunch, walked around, had and incident with a horse.  Apparently, the pond is a beach and swimming destination for locals.  The recreation of Thoreau’s hut was smaller than our dining room, but who needs space to be inside when you have the world at your feet?

We made another stop in Freeport, Maine.  Anna had never had the pleasure of meeting the boot at the LL Bean flagship store and we all needed to stretch our legs.  Anna made the transition to booster seats, which still scare me, and colored enjoyably at Johnny Rocket’s.

We pulled off in Bangor to play at a park before driving through the rest of Maine which is apparently just beautiful hills and trees that go on forever.  The drive was long and we may or may not have had to stop in a plow turn around to change a diaper.  We crossed the boarder well into the evening and drove right on through to St. John.


  1. I LOVE the pic of Daddy and Anna in the bubble with the fish!!!!

  2. I just clicked through all your links! Dang girl, it’s all so clean and spicy! Cuuuute family!

    • Thanks Brynn! It’s been fun giving the blog a facelift.

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