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Posted on Jul 16, 2012 by | 1 comment

Anna is now very helpful when I am getting her dressed.  She will sit still while I put her onsie over her head, then she offers her left arm, bent, to go through the first arm hole.  And when we have that arm through, her other hand aims for the same action.  It is infinitely easier to get her dressed with her cooperation.

She also likes to play with clothes herself.  For instance, she is quite attracted to velcro.  I’m pretty sure velcro shoes are the only thing that kept us sane the last time we were on a plane together. She will unvelcro her shoe then put the tab back so she can try again.  Let’s hope she doesn’t find out buckles too soon, eh?

Now she is on top of putting a shirt over her head by herself, at least one with a really big neck hole.  A while ago, I made some t-shirt yarn out of bright shirts, you can only use the lower half of the shirt so I have these weird neck hole plus sleeves half-shirts.  One day Anna found them while exploring my fabric collection and now she loves to play with them.  She’ll use them as a blankie to comfort her in her crib, or just carrying them around while learning not to trip on them.  And now she even knows how to put them around her neck.

It started with her pulling them onto her head like a scarf over her hair, so we had a little nun baby.  Then she would wrap them around her neck (with supervision) as a scarf like she was about to go out on the town.  And now she enjoys pulling them on and off just like a real shirt.

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  1. Becca! I love all your posts about Canada! You guys are having so much fun exploring! Now I'm wishing we had done more in Canada. I totally started missing you guys bad today, so I thought I should pop onto your blog for a little Allred fix 🙂 It worked, but it would still be so fun to see you guys again. Let us know if you have any time off, or plans to go anywhere westward and we can try to get together. Love you guys!

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