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Shape Jar

Posted on Jul 14, 2012 by | 0 comments

It’s been fun watching Anna figure out this shape toy.  She is still a ways from mastering it but recently she and I were sitting in the office and for no less than seven minutes, while Jacob was jabbering to his dad, Anna picked up the cylinder and pushed it through the circle hole, over and over and over.  I was quite entertained, if you think you might also be entertained by two minutes of this simple action of my adorable 13.5 month old then go ahead a click play!

The square gives her troubles because it isn’t a cube so it can be confusing for Anna to figure out which way is the right way, but I love how she will try to push it through various shapes then go pick up another shape and try it in all the shapes until it goes through.  [This math training has to start early, you know, if I am to teach her trigonometry by the end of preschool, per the mission of the Theta Club]

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