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Daytona Beach to Celebrate 1 Year

Posted on Aug 20, 2012 by | 0 comments

For Anna’s first birthday we decided to celebrate with family.  We flew down to Daytona Beach in Florida, where Jacob’s Grandma Dona lives on the ocean.  We met up with Jacob’s parents for a fun filled week.

Anna recieved a huge monogramed duffel upon arrival in Florida from her grandparents filled with monkey-themed toys, blankets, and snacks.  She also got a few outfits and swimsuits.  We got to try them out immediately since we were at the beach.

Anna was quite scared  of the ocean waves at first but Jacob was persistent and Anna was brave with his help.  She slowly warmed up to it and stopped shaking when a wave would come.  After the first day of (mainly Jacob) calmly showing her the water, letting her pat it and splash, and showing by example how safe it could be, she was fine.  In fact, she would happily run out into the water when we got to the beach the following days.  The trust she puts in her father is a beautiful thing to witness.

On her actual birthday we packed the day full of fun.  We toured a chocolate factory and enjoyed some chocolate dipped potato chips.  We also climbed a lighthouse with the grandparents.  The height freaked me out in the end and I hated Anna being up there.  But the view was beautiful of both the sound and the ocean.

We got her a little cake for her birthday but she wasn’t very interested, so we just went and played on the beach.  She loved sitting where the water would come up on her and playing with her toys.  She must’ve thought it was the biggest bathtime ever.

The overall week was hard since Anna was unusually clingy to me.  For instance, she doesn’t have a problem sleeping in her own place/crib but she couldn’t stand being far from me and we actually slept together, all three of us, every single night we were in Florida.  Jacob even had to use his Jedi skills to put her down for a nap once, he told her stories about Leia and Han and they put her right to sleep.

I felt bad for the grandparents too who didn’t get much Anna time since she was so shy.  But at least we were all together and even if she was uncomfortable in a different environment, Anna was able to feel the love her family has for her for her birthday.   (5/30/12)

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