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August Adventure: Virginia

Posted on Oct 23, 2012 by | 0 comments

Jacob, Anna, and I embarked on a month-long vacation during the month of August. New Haven has a bad habit of being unbearably hot and humid during the summer. So we thought we would beat the heat by dropping in on our lovely families, who have air conditioning.

We were so excited to visit the grandparents whom we hadn’t seen since Christmas. Then she was just learning to crawl and for our visit Anna was walking around, carrying things, and communicating often, though not yet verbally. Waiting for her upon arrival was a basket full of beanie babies, a chair her size that looked like a giraffe, and a tricycle. She loved carrying around the babies and couldn’t get enough of them. She was a bit young and small for the tricycle but wanted me to push her around the house every chance we’d get. She loved that thing and figured out a shortcut to ringing the bell so she could tell people to get out of her way!

While there we acquired a little seat for her to join us at the table and a little piano to play. Auntie Rachel showed her how to play the keys and also the demo song, which Anna dances too. The keyboard is Anna-sized and just right to fit on her lap.

Anna loved helping Meme in the kitchen.  And Meme let her play with everything.  Pots and spoons made excellent drums and places to mix up apparently tasty imaginary treats (see below).  Anna also got into the tupperware regularly, but I think she just hung around for all the yummy snacks.

We took advantage of my parents’ pool and went swimming.  Anna is such a natural in the water and practiced her kicking on the floaties.  She was such a cutie set in her ways.  Once she got settled on the floating raft, if I set her on it a different way, with her feet hanging off the other side, she would struggle to get her feet back to where they “belonged.”

My parents were such a blast to hang out with for the few weeks we were with them.  We did so much with them, antiquing for books (and Anna toys), canning salsa, and shopping for fabric and baby clothes.  My mom and I planned out a little quilt for Anna and Jacob and my dad worked on welding projects.  Always staying busy for sure.

We also did a little sightseeing down in Mt. Airy, NC.  It is the hometown of Andy Griffith so half the shops on the little main street through town have Mayberry in their name.  The town was fun, we had pork chop sandwiches for lunch, found some cute socks and books to buy, and enjoyed walking around with our little girl.  We stopped along our journey to find some cheap fabric and play on the slide at the local playground.

Jacob and I also made a trip with Anna out to the local science museum.  We found out, the hard way, that it is under construction so is temporarily relocated at a nearby mall.  It was amusing to see the same exhibits that I’ve seen since my childhood.  We had fun exploring and making music and building with blocks.  As usual, on our mid-week excursions the place was deserted.  We love having free reign of a place.

But the best part of our trip was the escape from city life.  Anna loves being outside, going on walks, and seeing animals, so she was in heaven at my parents house.  There were eggs to pick, chickens to chase, a donkey and horse to pet, feed, and point at.

We rode ATVs, tractors, and in hay trailors.  We picked food from my parents amazing garden and ate better than well.  Anna struggled a bit with the walking on the uneven terrain but that’s how one learns right?

My parents bought Anna a little ATV just her size to ride around on the porch with.  It wasn’t until she rode on the big ATV that she understood why we would make the truck or boat noise when she rode around on her little one.  But then she did and made the noise all the time when she got on her little on to go along.

Anna loved feeding the horses.  I think we are all just grateful she still has all her fingers.  Anna kept asking for “more” apples, good thing Papa was there to oblige.

Jacob and I appreciated a few dates with reliable babysitters.  We are so grateful for my parents and their wonderful hospitality.  Every meal was great and Anna loved spending time with her grandparents.

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