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Giggly Girl and Her New Words

Posted on Oct 14, 2012 by | 0 comments

Anna is constantly filling our home with delightful noises. For a while now she has been concentrating on learning how to say the words we say most often. This evening alone she mastered “stop”. (You know, since she was repeatedly helping me read on my iPad with her foot, she heard it quite a few times.) But her vocabulary is growing each day. More, up, no, yes, yay!, and cup are her most used everyday words. Anna can get the point across with other words without having them perfected like shoes, socks, cool (coo), coat (coe), and help (ep).

She is also not quite there but working hard on ones with more syllables like, cookie (cook-cook), buckle (bawk), glasses (gwah-sat, my personal favorite).  If the words have two syllables she will copy us quite well when we practice with her (“cookie” has been said) but she sticks to just one when bringing up the topic herself.  However, most of our communication is still physical or sound based.  Popcorn is a popping sound with her lips, cars and buses are “brrrroooom” (with the motorboat lips), and when she wants us to follow her she grabs our finger.  She easily gets the point across if she camps out in front of the food cabinet in the kitchen, pointing.

“Me and Mommy’s new gwah-set”

I love this stage!  Seeing her improve and develop and practice is inspiring.  She spent over an hour yesterday figuring out how to put a buckle together, and after she figured it out she put in another hour mastering the skill.  Her attention to patterns and routines keep us in line and on top of important things like blessing our food, throwing away our raisin boxes, and kissing goodnight.  She loves playing with us, giggling is top priority on our to do list every day.

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