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Morning in Mystic

Posted on Oct 12, 2012 by | 0 comments

Jacob and I have been recovering from an extended vacation in August.  But after a handful of play dates and game nights to get back into our normal life, off again we drove for just a day trip to Mystic.  We have heard great things about this Aquarium and we weren’t disappointed.

We headed first to the indoor Titanic exhibit, to let the fall day warm up a bit.  We loved the deserted exhibit, Anna was able to run around and play with whatever attracted her fancy.  We touched icebergs, twisted signs, pushed buttons and saw reproductions and pictures of the wreckage.

Outside we watched the beluga whales swim past repeatedly.  Anna saw first hand the difference between seals and sea lions.  She loved it when they barked and pointed when they swam by.  We were just in time to see the penguins feed on some fish and swim afterwards.

The day was a little chilly, but the sunshine was great.  I feel like it has been raining for a whole month.  So we were grateful for the change.  However, we did warm up inside for a bit checking out jellyfish that were smaller than dimes and touching starfish.  The sharks were napping on the floor of their tank, it was pretty adorable.

Lunch consisted of a pizza in downtown Mystic, Jacob caught a picture of a nice mid-bite moment shared between mother and daughter.  We were all so tuckered out afterwards that I drove two sleepyheads back to New Haven.  Anna literally slept all afternoon and I’m not ashamed to say I joined her for a bit.

Ready to head home.

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