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August Adventure: South Carolina

Posted on Nov 10, 2012 by | 0 comments

We continued South during our August adventure and made a trip down to South Carolina to visit Anna’s Allred grandparents.  Anna sure was spoiled by all the toys, hugs, trips, and playtime she got with her grandparents.

We made a trip to the zoo.  I got to feed a giraffe this time as well as Anna.  She loved the fish and feeding the goats.  We were also blessed to be able to celebrate Emily’s birthday while we were there.

Anna had fun with Daisy, the beagle.  One day while on our walk, Daisy was playing fetch with Linda when she decided to play with Anna.  We had been trying to keep Anna away from the dog’s toys to keep her safe but Daisy nudged her toy towards Anna.  Anna picked it up and threw it, it fell down right next to Daisy.  Oh what an entertaining bunch we had.  Anna also love loved the neighborhood playground with its spiral slide.  If it wasn’t so hot we might have lived in the park.

Linda has plenty of bows around and she gave Anna some to put in her hair.  At first, Anna was gently patting them like “look at me, I’m pretty!” but soon she was wanting more and more in her hair and was looking a little crazy.  She had a blast playing with the bows and spinning around showing everyone all sides of her bow-covered head.

Jacob and I got out of the house for a couple dates.  We went to the Melting Pot and another night we watched the Hunger Games at the local discount theater. We were really grateful for some time to ourselves, and real dates, who even goes on those anymore? 😉  I also appreciated a few trips to the temple which was not 5 minutes away.  Man, I would love to have that on a regular basis.

After visiting Linda and Marty at work, Anna recieved a little play purse as a gift.  In it was a cell phone, a wallet, some lipstick, and a set of keys.  When she found the big plastic keys she walked right up to the door and tried to unlock it.  Oh man, she doesn’t miss a thing.

One day, we drove up to Bishopville to see the “Button King”.  The old man put on his button covered hat, jacket and guitar and sang a song to Anna.  She was apprehensive but it was fun seeing something so quirky.  The man had two vehicles covered in buttons along with an outhouse and a room full of other random things.  I think I liked the button-covered upright piano the best.

He told us to stop by the topiary guy on the way our of town; Pearl Fryar has spent thirty year trimming bushes and he even had a full length movie about his work.  We didn’t know any of this but enjoyed his metal sculptures and creative topiaries.  Both men were very kind and friendly.  They were a fun pair of stops to break up our cabin fever.

We sure had a nice time visiting the Allreds. Thanks for letting us visit, Grandma and Grandpa, and putting up with Anna just talking on the phone the whole time! Kids these days, sheesh.

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