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Snow Day!!

Posted on Nov 8, 2012 by | 3 comments

Yesterday, it snowed all day.  Jacob said he and Anna stared at the snow for hours as it fell.  I was up in Boston attending the temple.  I didn’t realize what a storm I would have to drive home in.  The roads were treacherous from the Mass Pike all the way home, the usual 2 hour drive turned into 4.5 hours.  I’m really blessed to have made it home to my family in one piece (and a little foolish for going in the first place!).

The snowfall hadn’t stopped when we headed off to bed.  We woke to the melting six inches or so and ran out after breakfast to play.  As you can see, the trees haven’t even finished shedding their leaves and we are shoveling snow!

Anna was all bundled up in her bib overalls and her poofy coat.  The snow wasn’t easy to walk in but she didn’t fall in as deep as her heavier parents.  We picked up the snow and threw it.  Anna isn’t a bad pitcher, in fact, she whacked me right in the face once.  Good aim and spunk, I’m sure she’ll go far.  Anna and I made a pair of snow angels.  My adventurous little girl did not want to go back inside, she even was willing to stay out a bit longer and help me shovel the steps.  What a brave little toaster.

Anna and I sat and read through her Moo, Baa, La La La book about 15 times this morning.  Her animal noises are coming along and she loved filling in the sounds for me as we saw each animal through the story.  Dad caught one of our reads on video.


  1. Try the button on your cell phone that gives a 7 day forecast for your zipcode. Don’t make me come up there and show you how! Ha Ha
    Still, I, for one, am glad your safe. Love, Mom

  2. 1. Anna is so cute all bundled up! And I love the fact that she has her mother’s throwing arm:) we will be breaking out the shotputs and discuses sooner than you know it! Lol

    2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look and layout of your web page! On my phone, the home page looked like a pic collage… and then I clicked and realized they were the posts! SUPER AWESOME!

  3. Mom, you are just soOo funny. But I’ll try to remember that next time, ha.

    Rachel, thanks. I really like how accessible all the old posts are now, it’s more fun for sure.

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