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Oakland Temple

Posted on Dec 22, 2012 by | 0 comments


On our way to San Fransisco, our caravan split up.  One car stopped in Berkeley to meet some dog collar leather-workers and our car drove up to the Oakland Temple.  The overlook of the city was lovely.  This temple has a unique terrace you can walk on and see the beautiful engraved art and the city.  Christy and Linda were with our little family and we enjoyed walking around on top of the temple.  It was Monday so the landscaping and washing was going on, but avoided most of the puddles.   Christy and I had fun trying to catch pictures of Anna.

Temple2012Nov01 Temple2012Nov29 Temple2012Nov26 Temple2012Nov21 Temple2012Nov18

Doesn’t Christy have some awesome photo-taking and -editing skills?  We loved our time with family!

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