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A Mikulas Christmas

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2012-12-18 12.45.26

We visited the Mikulas Grandparents for Christmas.  We arrived early so Auntie Rachel could be secure in her knowledge that if the world did end, according to the Mayans, we would be together.  Anna arrived to Meme and Poppop’s house to a large coloring book of her favorite characters and jumbo crayons.


My baby forgot her stranger fears and just jumped right in, coloring with her grandmother and feeling happy and free from the car.   She played on her tricycle some more and ran around putting stickers on everything.  Anna was quite spoiled with new gifts almost every day, a baby here, an Elmo there.  She didn’t even finish opening her gifts on Christmas morning because she was too busy playing with the one’s she had.


When we gave Anna a baby doll, Jacob tried to name her Honey Boo Boo.  I vetoed that and we landed on Callie, the nicest BSG character.  She loves that baby!  And she had so much fun playing with her.  She checked that she had all her toes and fingers, then she rocked her like I do when I’m calming her down.  She tucked her in a lot, “tuck tuck” and played ring around the rosie.  The first few times she just threw Callie, but then she would sit down with her at the end.  She gave her doll stickers and even took her to bed for nap time.

2012-12-18 18.58


Pre-Christmas activities included buying and decorating a tiny tabletop tree, getting out the nativity and Baby Jesus, wrapping and wrapping and wrapping, watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, and most importantly, making cookies.  Meme mixed up the dough for shortbread cookies and Anna and I got on the aprons Meme had waiting for us and set to work. My mom made an adorable snowman apron for Anna and she loved having it on and standing on a chair at the counter helping us.  She plopped dough with her spoon, smashed cookies, and put sprinkles on too.  She did not want to stop making cookies and I loved all her words she said: “cookies,” “help,” “squish,” and “tie” (while rolling her hands, like she was tying something).


Jacob and Poppop spent a lot of time fiddling with their cameras and taking pictures of Anna.  She was on the move a lot but they were quick to get the good shots.  They took Anna up to Lynchburg and showed her some model trains.  Anna enjoyed all the buttons she was allowed to push and watching all the trains go around.


Poppop’s Capture


Christmas itself was quite crazy because Jonathan had to respond to a work emergency, but there were plenty of cinnamon rolls and chex mix, and lots of wrapping paper littering the floor when we were finished.  Anna would get into a toy and need a break from opening.  The first toy like that was just a box Poppop brought in for trash paper.  Other gifts she raved over were accessories, she wouldn’t part with her new sunglasses or her new calculator watch.  Who’s child is this anyway?



Anna had a lot of fun at the Mikulas farm, picking eggs and taking walks.  We played with sticks and listened to birds.


Anna’s vocabulary just exploded over Christmas vacation.  She is a word-mashing fool.  “Mommy sit.”  “Daddy wipe.”  “Anna’s wah-whee” (water).  “A new book.”  Meme and Auntie Rachel needed a translator the first few days of us being there but in just a few weeks they caught on and she sped up and now our life is narrated by our sweet toddler.



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