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Exercising Her Lungs

Posted on Jan 19, 2013 by | 1 comment

Anna just loves to sing and dance.  I’m really grateful for my calling as primary secretary because before Anna went into nursery most of church time was song time!  Now she is in nursery and she is still very active during singing time.

2013-01-12 11.20.17

We have little dance parties in the dark bedroom.  Anna gets a couple glowsticks to dance with in front of the mirror and Jacob and I are the DJs constantly trying to pick out the most rockin’ tunes in our collection.  Psy, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga all make appearances in the song rotation but Anna’s favorite is Gangnam Style.  The chorus contains a single syllable sound that Anna can make so she requests the song by saying “op op op.”  We could glowstick dance for hours, or Anna can.  I’m grateful she dances in a room with a bed for us to rest on.

2013-01-17 20.07.14

She has a few board books with pictures of pianos (and sheet music) on some of their pages.  When she finds them, just like when she sees musical notes, she starts to sing.   Miss Bossy McBossyPants now discourages our sways of enjoyment when we listen to her.  If we try to rock along with her she says, “stop! Stop!”  But we love hearing her sing.

While she was eating lunch today and I was folding some dish towels on the table, she sang a song to me about clothes and laundry.  Most of her words are “doo” “shooo” “beeee” but lately I’ve been hearing more of her vocabulary come into play.  Just like her dad, Anna loves to sing songs she writes herself.

2013-01-14 11.17.35

Yesterday, she was singing at the top of her lungs, actually, it was more like screaming with pitch changes.  Jacob came into the room to listen, too.  She sang about one more sentence before she laid down on the couch, said “nap,”  and closed her eyes.  It was just so abrupt, but I suppose scream singing is tiring.

Today she was singing again with Jacob.  He also made sure she got her exercise in by doing some push ups.  I had to catch some of her singing on video.

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  1. She is adorable!

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