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Winter Play

Posted on Feb 7, 2013 by | 1 comment

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My Dad emailed me these old photos this week that my uncle uploaded.  I love seeing these moments in time from 1950.  In these pictures are my Great-Grandfather Molek and Great-Grandmother Mary Mikulas, my uncle Martin, and baby John, my father.


Anna made some new friends at the mall playland this week. She loves older kids in general, however, this one little 5 year-old girl would talk and listen to her (something totally new in my budding conversationalist’s world).  The girls were attached for a good 20 minutes.  They giggled up a storm playing hide and seek in the log. And Anna was helped into the canoe by her new friend lifting up her feet when it was apparent she couldn’t climb in on her own.  I think Anna was just happy that someone would listen to her attempts at talking other than me.


Our Autumn walks searching for pretty leaves just clicked with Anna, now that it is February. She wants to pick up all the leaves she finds when we are out on our walks. She is mostly attracted to the ones dancing in the wind. We’ve had three nature walks this week alone, including one around the block after church. I parked just far enough away for Anna to not want to go home since she had already found so many leaves. I think she is so funny when she collects quite the bouquet of leaves every time we are out.


We had a recall on our car so we took it in to get it fixed.  We waited for almost two hours for them to dab some lubricant on a switch.  At least they had a little play area for Anna to enjoy.  We played hide and seek, read books, met new friends, and Anna learned to climb a ladder.  We’ve been hunting for indoor play areas for our little one all winter so even the Toyota dealership turns into a destination for the whole family.

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  1. That looks like the perfect waiting-room play area! what a find.
    Thanks for linking up!

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