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Night Night Seeds

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 by | 0 comments

2013-04-06 15.56.53

Anna had a great time at my parents’ house during our visit earlier this month.  We were surprised by some spring snow while visiting but we also had plenty of beautiful days.  There weren’t many eggs to pick but the new chicks gave us another reason to get outside.  We stopped on our way down to South Carolina and the chicks were still inside, staying warm.  When we got back from our trip farther south, Anna asked where the chicks went and we had to go find them outside in the nursery.  Anna was great at helping with the chores, feeding the chickens, watering the horses, and picking up the sticks in the yard so Pop Pop could mow.  No need to read her the Pig Will and Pig Won’t book but she enjoyed reading with Auntie anyway.  She also helped out a bunch in the garden.  P1010249 P1010245 P1010244

The seeds had to be planted and tended, the tomato string needed to be strung, and the lettuce starts needed to be eaten (or that is what Anna thought anyway).   Anna was very at home digging in the dirt and filling buckets.  Any time we went outside she asked if she could eat another leaf of lettuce.  I didn’t know Anna was a rabbit.  My mother told me while they were planting the corn seeds that Anna pushed them in and patted the dirt on top while saying “night night.”  Those seeds are pretty lucky to have someone so sweet to tuck them in.

P1010255 P1010269

Anna loved going to my parents rec club which has an amazing pool.  There is a whole child’s play area with slides and fountains and buckets.  The first day Anna went down all the slides she kept going under at the end and sometimes hitting her head a bit.  But she didn’t want to stop, they were so fast and so fun!  She also loved their hot tub and we loved that they let little ones in it.  The second time we went to the pool, she was a sliding pro, sitting up and being fine all by herself (the theme of life nowadays).  She could not get enough of the water.

2013-04-04 12.51.05 2013-04-04 12.50.57

Meme spoiled Anna by taking her to the library and the quilt shop and letting her pick out some fabric.  Anna picked out just the right fabric my mom needed to finish her quilt for my dad.  The library in Eagle Rock was deserted and we had a great time chatting while Anna did puzzles and found new toys every few minutes, trains, Pooh Bears, tractors.  We brought back some books and Anna loved the one that came with a CD which sings the book.  We also took her to a quilt show.  Everyone loved seeing her and we taught her not to touch (although we could barely remember the rule ourselves).  It was fun talking about colors and what we liked and didn’t.  Anna needed a snack and a bribe of button pushing on the elevator to make it through to wait until Auntie got off work but we loved seeing her right after she got off for the weekend.


Anna had a blast with her aunt and uncle.  One night Uncle Jonny was late for dinner and she kept looking out the window and repeating the family’s comments “almost soon uncle.”  Uncle Jonny taught her to bounce pass with a little red ball.  They always play so much.  Anna was very excited when her uncle brought over fireworks.  “Boom!”  We scared the horse and donkey enough to make them run all over the field.  Although, Anna was obviously a bit frightened by the whole show she was brave and determined to enjoy what everyone else seemed to be enjoying.  

P1010267 P1010265

We watched a lot of March Madness, worked on a new baby quilt, and Jacob did more than a little bit of soldering for his new business.  My mom and my sister helped me do a little bit of shopping and Jacob even took me out on a date.  Anna is so happy surrounded by people who love her and fresh grass to run through.


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