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24 Years, 24 Hours

Posted on May 12, 2013 by | 0 comments

We spent my birthday this year on a plane flying back from Texas.  We had a great day, spent some time at the Austin children’s museum and we made it home safe.  But we didn’t actually celebrate my birthday.  Technically, I lost an hour of my birthday because we switched time zones.  Jacob and Anna surprised me yesterday with a birthday hour to celebrate another year.  I thought my 24th birthday deserved all 24 hours and I’m happy Jacob had a similar thought.  Anna insisted on chocolate ice cream to go with our cake, they picked out a happy balloon and party hats.  I was the happiest momma in the world when they brought in the cake and Anna helped Jacob sing happy birthday, their practice paid off and the performance was perfect. Anna helped me blow out my four candles.  I am one blessed mom, it was cute seeing Anna so excited about my special day.

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