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Posted on Jun 25, 2013 by | 1 comment


We drove down from Connecticut to Texas to be present for closing on our house here in San Antonio. A week ago we signed all the papers, all half-inch-tall stack of them. The lady at the title office kindly supplied Anna with a cookie and highlighters to keep her a little distracted for the 2+ hours we were there shuffling papers and numbers. I’m constantly surprised at how much our toddler puts up with us and all we put her through.P1010862On Wednesday we arrived for good. Jacob rug-doctored our entire house in a single day. Anna and I scrubbed baseboard after baseboard and have finished wiping down almost all the windows and doors. She is a very good helper, especially if she gets to man the spray bottle.


We were very grateful when our appliances arrived on Saturday. The new washer and dryer and refrigerator made all the difference in our quality of life here in our new home, as did the arrival of Anna’s mattress which we are all sharing at the moment.


Jacob loves having a shower and a garage. I love our walk-in closet and plantation shutters, which Anna can open and close. For my girl “turn on the light” really means “open those blinds.” Anna loves anything that we call “Anna’s”, her bathroom, her bedroom, her closet, her watering can. And we all can agree our backyard is our house’s best feature: beautiful bird songs, water to play in, room to run.

P1010883 P1010886

The middle of Texas is new territory for all of us. We’ll have to get used to being farther from our extended family. But we don’t shy away from excuses to travel. It is a bit hot here, we haven’t had a day with a high less than 95 degrees since our arrival, but we are grateful. I love feeling warm and if I ever do feel chilly in our wonderfully air-conditioned house, I can just step outside and take in the warmth.


The whole house-purchasing process has been very stressful. But Jacob was on top of everything. I’m pretty sure getting a loan, especially as a self-employed person, is a full time job! Sheesh. We are really grateful everything worked out with the loan and the house we found. Now we are just waiting for everything to work out with our movers and we’ll call this deal done.


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  1. The house looks so great! Glad you all made it down there safe. Miss you already, but glad to see everything is going well!

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